Visual identity and brand design



Futuro is an independent online store and social initiative, with an objective to pass on a cut of its earnings to international NGOs, as well as to highlight the work of meaningful causes.

Founded in 2015, Futuro continues its connection with Sonrisas de Bombay / Mumbai Smiles — a Spanish NGO established with the aims of fighting poverty and improving the quality of life for slum residents within India’s most densely populated city.

At least 10% of all Futuro online store income is donated to Mumbai Smiles.

Sharing ideas across borders

The principle behind Futuro is the belief that the exchange of cultures and ideas is the most democratic way of transforming the future. Because shared values, experiences and opportunities help to connect people and promote equality.

Futuro is a community of diverse individuals, with a shared belief that working together without fear is the way forwards.

What we did

We designed the visual identity and alongside brand positioning agency stories,, — we established a tone of voice and way to describe the purpose of Futuro BCN, in a way that could be translated to a wider audience.

From here, we were able to build out the brand with a real understanding of the ‘why’ behind the idea.


Futuro is geared towards independent thinkers, and anyone who prefers to choose their own path.

Shared values, experiences and opportunities help to connect people and promote equality
— Futuro BCN

Barcelona photography

Model: Salahddin Tarki / Instagram: yungtarki
Photographer: Joel Howells / Instagram: joelhowells_

Chiang Mai photography

Model: YaYha Nita / Instagram: yayha.nita
Photographer: Sean Dalton / Instagram: seandalt

Additional imagery © Sonrisas de Bombay / Mumbai Smiles.